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  • Developer: Lemonauts
  • Release Date: 10.23.2014
  • Platform Pages: iOS, Android(Coming Soon)
  • Price: 0.99 $
  • ESRB: 9+
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It's time to break the chains!



You have always dreamed of breaking the chains and getting absolutely freedom? You can do it right now!

Welcome to a distant clouded realm. The evil wizard has stolen the magic cow. Help the knight rescue the magic cow.

Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, fight against enemies and many more. You have never seen such gameplay.






  • Unique Physics Gameplay 
  • Funny Characters 
  • Fabled Art Style 
  • Superpowers 
  • Hidden Treasures




The Game Creation


Playing “Chain Breaker” you can't control the character directly, but only change the its path. You should tap or swipe different objects in different locations, depending on the game situation.
Of course we ran risks launching new mechanics; that was why we were improving our product again and again to “polish up” the gameplay. We had to re-design the levels many times, while testing the game. Initially, we tested it with combined efforts of our team and our good friends, and they gave it to their friends. The results of those tests helped us to indicate and replace some problem levels with the corrected ones to make the gameplay easier for players to understand and use.
 Castle level
We had changed the graphic design three times before we launched the product. Besides it took us long time to “wrestle with” memory leak and create the right algorithm for arranging different level’s  parts. The way was really difficult, but it was absolutely logical and predictable as we created the product, no one had ever seen before.
 Old Graphics
Apple factor
Shortly before our release Apple launched its new Iphone 6 and Iphone 6+ with two new resolutions.  There were rumours about new resolutions long before Apple’s presentation, but nobody knew their resolutions exactly. It was impossible to buy new Iphones during a week after the presentation. But we had to adapt our game for new Iphones and we did a trick.  We did it using full hd TV set. It was very unusual to see our mobile game on a huge - half-wall size - screen:). Of course we wanted to test our product on real devices. When they became available in Europe my friend in Riga - many thanks to him - helped us to test the game on his own new Iphone.





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Logos and Icons


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  • Alexey Tarasenko - Lead Game Design, Programming, Level Design
  • Dmitriy Skladnov - Programming
  • Alexey Beleichev - Game Design, Level Design